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About Our Company 

Swipe for Education in Dallas, Texas reduces the cost of education through a credit card rewards system. By spending, you are saving money for the future education of your children.

Meet Our Founders 

One of our founders, Marilyn Carroll Ph.D., is a researcher that is greatly involved in the education, banking and finance, investment, and accounting industry. She established the company along with Algertha Watkins, a banking specialist.

Under the leadership of two investment experts, our team always makes sure to provide a customer-centric approach. Whether you’re a parent with a child or a working adult preparing for a career change, you can count on us to customize the investment plan according to your needs.

Our Vision 

Our founders envision the company as the amazon for education. We aim to be a financial resource company that is dedicated to helping clients find ways to accomplish their educational goals. 

Where We Want to be in the Future 

  • Increasing Opportunities for Clients to Achieve Their Educational Goals
  • Helping Clients to Link With the Right Educational Institution
  • Helping Clients to Plan and Prepare for Lifelong Education

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